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Image Heaven  by griffs

Applet menu

You can download any of the applets that you see.  Instructions are included.
Heres a sample of an neat banner applet...

Applet1 - fadeRedLight
A cool banner
Applet2 - TextShow
Yes a very neat text show
Applet3 - CarpetGolf
An awsome golf game
Applet4 - Game
A great numbers game
Applet5 - News
Scrolling news
Applet6 - Bridges
A neat little game
Applet7 - CircleBanner
Another cool banner
Applet8 - NervousText
A neat banner
Applet9 - Blink
A cool news flash banner
Applet10 - Radio
A mini dukebox
Applet11 - Bustout
Like the old brick game
Applet12 - Puzzle
A neat little puzzle

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