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About us







Welcome to Image Heaven  by griffs


This site is totally for fun and enjoyment ! and everything
here is free !

We propose to have the ONE place for you to come and get all sorts
of images, for all sorts of reasons.  Whether its for making your own
web pages, a project, a poster, a card, or whatever ..... have a good
look around and enjoy all the neat Images and stuff we have here.

This is a new site and is going to grow every week !!!  
So please keep checking back for more and more new images
and things . 

To bookmark our page press the Ctrl and D keys at the same time.

To download an Image simply - click your mouse pointer on
the image then click the right mouse button - a save as box comes up -
just select where you want to save it - and select save - its yours !!!

Please be patient !!! and come back !!! this page is under construction   

This page has been visited times ! Thank you!!!

Please feel free to sign our Guestbook which allows
you to comment on our page.  Any advice welcome :-)

  Or please feel free to email us at