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Image Heaven  by griffs

Applet10 - Radio

This applet is limited to playing six .au files. It is the type of applet which
could be very useful for playing small sound clips. It's easy to setup and use,
and you can even check out the source code!

Usage: Download and unzip into your HTML directory.
Use the HTML code below and you're set! 

HTML Source:

<applet code=radio.class name=radio width=404 height=120>
<PARAM name=button1>
<PARAM name=button2>
<PARAM name=button3>
<PARAM name=button4>
<PARAM name=button5>
<PARAM name=button6>
<PARAM name=image value=images/music002.gif>
<PARAM name=image1 value=images/speak1.gif>
<PARAM name=image2 value=images/speak2.gif>
<PARAM name=image3 value=images/speak3.gif>

Author: Marek Mizeracki of Web Lightning Ltd.

Java Source: If you only want the source code Download

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